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If you have been thinking about ways to create some much needed extra space and you have not considered

the basement, you may be missing out.  Too often the basement becomes that catch all storage space or it becomes relegated to be used as the HVAC and mechanical room or perhaps the laundry area.  Be sure not to overlook the possibilities that the basement renovation has to offer since the basement usually has an
abundance of raw space to work with.  

The knowledgeable designers at Sky Construction will assist you in planning your space wisely, so of course the first step is to decide what activities you would like to accommodate. Although basements present some unique challenges, through thoughtful design the basement will become a beautiful extension of your home, equally as
inviting and comfortable.


The Home Gym

There are certain rooms that are a natural fit for the basement and a perfect example of that would be
the home gym.  The basement offers a concrete floor that cannot be damaged by accidentally dropping a weight and there are many interlocking rubber or foam tiles on the market today which are perfect for floor exercise as well. You may want to consider large mirror panels on at least one wall to ensure the proper form while you exercise, and it goes without saying that television and music are must haves.  Careful consideration should be given to adequate storage and specialty items such as a water cooler or built in bench seating. These are just a few of the finishing touches that will make your home gym not only functional but visually appealing as well.


The Home Theater or Media Room 

One of the most common problems that homeowners contend with in basement renovation is the lack of
natural light.  The home theater is a wonderful choice to include in your basement remodeling since it actually
benefits from the naturally darker space. If your basement offers sufficient head height you may want to consider
stadium seating to improve the viewing experience and soft thick carpet will help with the acoustical quality of the media room, as well as upholstered panels for the walls.  There is a huge variety of built in speakers and front projecting audio visual equipment, something to fit every budget so with advanced planning all pre-wiring can be


The Basement Kitchen and Bar  

If you want to create that amazing finished basement space that everyone wants to visit, there is no better
place to start than the kitchen and bar area, since this is usually centrally located and at the heart of the entertaining space.  Unlike the main level kitchen, the basement kitchen is usually open on one side and offers a raised countertop to accommodate bar stools in order to maximize seating potential.  Since your basement kitchen is typically for informal dining or food preparation you may want to consider some of the under cabinet styled appliances such as a pull out microwave drawer or beverage coolers.  You may also want to consider
the space saving drawer dishwasher that pulls out easily for glassware or plates.  An important consideration in
your basement kitchen is the orientation of the sink.  You may prefer to have the sink on the side
of the bar to be able to face people and engage them in conversation rather than having your back to your family and guests.


Just remember, don’t be intimidated by the wide open space of your existing basement.  The expert design staff at Sky Construction will assist you in achieving a functional and beautiful space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.